Cover Photo: A black and white portrait photograph of Princess Diana. She is staring at the camera and smiling very slightly.
Photograph by Terence Donovan via the National Portrait Gallery

My Mom, Princess Diana, and Me

At what point does someone we’ve lost become only a story we tell, more myth than memory?

This is Grief at a Distance, a column by Matt Ortile examining his grief over his mother’s death in the Philippines during the Covid-19 pandemic.

That’s where I was when Diana died.


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Photograph courtesy of the author


Photograph courtesy of the author

Matt Ortile is the author of the essay collection The Groom Will Keep His Name. He is also the executive editor of Catapult magazine, and writes regularly for Condé Nast Traveler. Previously, he was the founding editor of BuzzFeed Philippines. He is a MacDowell Fellow and has written for Vogue, Self, Out, Into, and BuzzFeed News, among others. He is a graduate of Vassar College, which means he now lives in Brooklyn. You can find more of his work on and on Twitter @ortile.