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Heather O'Neill is a novelist and essayist. Her works include Lullabies for Little Criminals, The Lonely Hearts Hotel, and When We Lost Our Heads. She lives in Montreal.


Cover Photo: A still from Alex Garland's 2022 film MEN, featuring the actress Jessie Buckley standing outside of a remote cabin in the dark. She is wearing a nightgown and a worried expression.
A Woman Walks Home Alone At Night

In a horror film, the sight of a woman alone fills us with dread. We expect terrible things to happen to her. But she also fills us with a sense of supernatural expectation.

Jun 01, 2022
Cover Photo: Horror Movies and the Single Mom by Heather O'Neill
Horror Movies and the Single Mom

I taught my daughter that a woman can fight demons all on her own.

Dec 14, 2016