Don’t Write Alone: Writing Life

I Found My Literary Community by Writing Book Reviews

My goal wasn’t to become a career critic, but to get the word out about books I felt deserved the attention.

Oct 13, 2021
Publishing Your Debut Book Is Like Baking Croissants—Messy, But Worth It

Outside the publishing industry, I don’t think we spend enough time discussing the labor behind writing a book.

Oct 06, 2021
Loss, Uncertainty, and Love Brought Me to Literary Translation

I often think about translation as a standalone language—without it, we all become our own islands, floating on a vast ocean without ever coming across each other.

Sep 13, 2021
Setting Boundaries is the First Step to Becoming a “Real Writer”

I wanted to be a writer, and I thought my work-life balance was the price I had to pay. I couldn't have been more wrong.

Writing Will Not Save Us

There is true, gut-wrenching grief in learning that sometimes even our wildest dreams aren’t enough to save, heal, or absolve us.

Aug 12, 2021
Bullet Journaling to Save a Life

After being diagnosed with bipolar II, I resolved that a soft-cover turquoise journal and a set of brush pens would guide me back to myself.

On Writing (with a Day Job)

There are many kinds of writing lives, and yours includes a day job.

Jul 19, 2021
The Joy of Writing Got Me Through the Pandemic

I decided I was going to write something just for me, something I loved, to keep me company during the hard, lonely months of 2020.

Jul 15, 2021
My Heart Is a Bibliography: On Being a Writer Without a University Degree

A part of me fears that my writing community will take me less seriously if they find out my highest academic honor is a high school diploma.

Jul 13, 2021
The Impossible Ideals of the “Writer’s Life”

This was the pact I made with my now and future self: to become the most successful writer that it was possible to be.

As a Journalist, I Thought I Wasn’t Precious About My Work—Then Someone Tore Apart My Novel

I could see that my editor's notes were going to make the book better, but I had to get over myself and implement them first.

Jun 25, 2021
On Beckett and Writing with a Brain Disease

When you’re sick, it’s tempting to yearn for how you once wrote. But thanks to Jess Thom, a British actor who performs in Beckett’s short play ‘Not I,’ I have begun allowing who I am today into my writing.

Journalism Taught Me to Ask for Help

As a journalist, I’ve learned that isolation is damning—something I don’t think the writer in me fully recognizes.

Jun 15, 2021
My Name Is Not Anna Steidel—But Her Name Is On My Wall

There is an award in my office that does not belong to me.

Jun 10, 2021
I’m a Nervous Wreck When I Write Prose

I am yet another poet writing a novel. Which is to say, I find myself in hell.

May 06, 2021
Writers of Color Reflect on Isolation

Since the onset of the pandemic, isolation has been, for good or bad, a major feature of life. Here you’ll find reflections from several writers of color, shared by POC United.

May 04, 2021
Learning to Write My Truth as a Deaf Queer Writer

The best thing that writing can do is to replace a shallow illusion with something more nuanced and closer to the truth.

Apr 26, 2021
Writing Is Time Travel

My writing gives the validation my younger self will need to believe in me, for me, during the years between now and when I won’t know how.

Apr 19, 2021