Claire Rudy Foster

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Claire Rudy Foster is a queer, nonbinary trans writer from Portland, Oregon. Their critically acclaimed short story collection Shine of the Ever is available from Interlude Press.


Cover Photo: An illustration of a white woman holding the crossbar of a Jeep as she rides through the desert. She is wearing sunglasses and a fuchsia headscarf and her face is turned away from the viewer. Driving the Jeep is a Black man in army fatigues.
The Abaarso School for Clever Girls

Melinda’s violation of their agreement—to stay the same for each other, forever—was so profound that she split their shared sphere in two.

Cover Photo: a photograph of a statue made of clay
We Did Not Belong in Okinawa

Okinawa knew what to do with monsters.

Cover Photo: An illustration of two intimate figures embracing in silhouette against a backdrop of stars and planets; celestial bodies
Venus Conjunct Saturn

Maybe it wasn’t that Angie wanted to break things off with Kate; she just didn’t know enough to decide if she wanted to keep going.

Cover Photo: Photograph by ZeeBeeb/Flickr
When I Started HRT, I Discovered a Sweeter Side to My Masculinity

I was leaving femininity behind, grateful to have an example like my grandpa to grow toward.

Cover Photo: photo by Guillaume Bolduc/unsplash
The World of Transshipment, Where One Glitch Can Lead to Chaos

I couldn’t stop thinking about what I would do if something went wrong. If I made a mistake, my son and I might go back to being homeless.