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Ariana Remmel is a science writer and journalist based in Little Rock, Arkansas. Their work has appeared on the radio with stations KQED and KSQD, and in print with Nature and Chemical & Engineering News. 


Cover Photo: five orange-brown pots with green leafy plants growing out of them, on the stems are multicolored pills instead of blooms
Me, My Father, and Our Pills

It no longer seemed as important to control the sequence of steps inside a round-bottomed flask as it was to look at my life and build a future worth living.

May 04, 2021
Cover Photo: Detail of Jonathan Borofsky's 'Molecule Man' (1977–1978); photograph by Daniel Lonn/Unsplash
Organic Chemistry Taught Me to Fully Inhabit My Mixed Identities

I am not half of anything. I am only me, a single whole with multiple truths.

Apr 23, 2021